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Treatments offered in Aberdeen

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TBM has recently expanded by opening up a clinic in Rubislaw Den North so that more clients can benefit from this specialised treatment.

There is ample free parking 

Lisa specialises in Decongestive Lympheodema Therapy and Remedial and Sports Therapy.  During her training for DLT, she has had the privilege in studying both Dr Vodder and Casley-Smith techniques and is certified and insured to offer both.   
See below  a list of components of DLT.

Manual Lymphatic Therapy also known as MLD.  This massage uses specific techniques which mobilise the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system.  It facilitates lymph flow into the venous circulation utilising lymph vessels.   Used in conjunction with Deep Oscillation Therapy (D.O.T) gets the best results.

Multi-layer bandaging is used in the intensive phase of treatment.  It is used to provide compression and support to the underlying tissues.  The use of foam under the bandages helps increase fluid movement and reduces slippage of bandages.  Bandages are prescribed by the doctor and is usually performed every day for a minimum of two weeks.

Exercises are given to enhance the efficiency of the muscle pump working against the compressive bandages.  This will increase lymph circulation.  Each patient is given indvidually tailored suited to their particular requirements.

Skin Care is essential in maintaining skin integrity and reduces the risk of infection.  This will involve the use of emollients, monitoring for cuts and abrasions and prompt action at the first sign of infection.

Weight control/Maintanence is important to maintain a healthy weight.  Lympheodema can be exacerbated by being overweight as fat cells compress the lymphatic, reducing and impeding lymphatic flow.  

Compression Garments is the last part of the intensive phase of treatment.  You will be measured for compression garments whether it is off the shelf prescription ones of custom fit.  During the maintanence phase, containment of your leg of arm is achieved through daily wearing of these garments. 

The use of D.O.T (Deep Oscillation Therapy) can also be used during the session.  Click on the link above to find out the benefits of using this therapy.

Treatment prices:

1 hour MLD £60
1.5 hours MLD £85
2 hours MLD £100

1 hour Sports and Remedial Therapy £50
1.5 hours Sports and Remedial Therapy £70
2 hours Sports and Remedial Therapy £90

Please note, first session includes consultation and may last a little longer.

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